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You Can Save 90 Glasses Of Water A Day With One Simple Habit

SOMETIMES, WE ALL TAKE our access to fresh, clean water for granted. Look around… There’s water everywhere! It makes up 80% of the earth’s surface! Yet, only 3% of that water is fresh, and less than 1% is safe for people to drink.

Water Scarcity

Between population growth and wasteful habits, our demand for fresh water is growing faster than our ability to produce it. In fact, the U.N. estimates that in as little as 20 years, we may see two out of every three people on earth experiencing water shortages of some kind.

The Good News

It’s so easy to stop wasteful water consumption! At our practice, we’re doing what we can to rethink outdated methods and technologies to bring you quality care WITHOUT abusing natural resources.

You can help us in our water-saving initiative by taking part at home.

You Can Help By Shutting Off The Water While You Brush

It may not seem like much… But when enough people do it, it can make a HUGE difference! Did you know that you can save 90 glasses of water a day just by turning off the water while you brush? It’s that simple. Take the pledge here and stop wasting water. You can also share this important message with your friends and family!

Help Us Protect This Precious Resource

Do you have other easy water-saving tips of your own? We’d love to hear them! Comment below, or on our Facebook page. We’re always excited to hear about the clever ways people have of being eco-conscious.

Thank you for your trust in our eco-friendly practice!


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